When is the best time for tree trimming?


When is the best time for tree trimming?

The best time to take on this task is in the late winter or early spring, after the coldest days have passed and just before new buds are about to form. However, you don’t want to trim your trees when the weather is extremely cold If you prune in the fall, tree growth is stimulated, which might not be ideal before the harsh, winter months. Fungi also tends to spread more frequently in the fall, negatively affecting tree health after the pruning or trimming process. Additionally, it’s not a great idea to prune your trees when it’s raining or damp since moisture can breed bacteria and disease. For the best results, wait until the sun is shining and tree branches are dry.



What to remove during the tree trimming process

  When pruning or trimming a tree, it’s safe to remove the following branches: 

  • Branches that cross and intersect
  • Low branches that get in the way of walking
  • Branches that block windows and light
  • Branches that block intersections or interfere with street signs
  • Branches that block or obscure your home’s entryway Branches that cross and intersect